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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Dogs Surviving Cat'astrphies : Episode 029 | FUREVER USA

Dogs Surviving Cat'astrphies : Episode 029

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On this week's episode, hosts Jasen Arias & Sylvia Wes are joined by Michelle Danielson & Claudia Wiles, the founders of PET EVAC PAK to share how we can make avoid a bad day turning into an absolute catastrophe. Emergencies typically aren't a fun time in life. We try to remember to set some money aside or we have insurance for those moments...but what about our fur-kids? What happens if you need to leave home quickly...or worse...can't leave home at all? Would you have the supplies you need for them? Would you know what to do next? For over 90% of pet owners, the answer is "NO!



3:05 - How Michelle and Claudia met

3:40 - How Hurricane Harvey inspired Pet Evac Pak

6:19 - What’s in the Bags & Why its important

14:15 - Build Your Own Kit

16:20 - Advice for large facilities 

17:20 - Help for Creating Evac Plan

19:15 - Set it and forget it

20:30 - Why pouch water is better than bottles

23:40 - Freeing up supplies for others

24:57 - Things we’re not thinking about?

25:35 - Plan Ahead: Are your pets prepared to travel?

26:25 - How long do medications last?

26:48 - Is there a way to train your dog to run toward you instead of away?

29:13 - What regulations does PetEvacPat use for their products

30:53 - Average cost

31:00 - Pet Carrier as Go Bag

32:36 - Can you customize your bag?

33:00 - How many days does the pak cover?

34:12 - How many people are prepared to evac?

36:09 - Research for the pak

36:28 - What an evacuation feels like for a dog mom

40:05 - How not being prepared puts first responders at risk

41:08 - How has Claudia being a former Marine influenced PetEvacPak?

43:10 - #dogdadjoke


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