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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Wholistic Medicine For Dogs : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 027 | FUREVER USA

Wholistic Medicine For Dogs : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 027

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“Every animal is different. We have to pay attention to their constitution, personality, lifestyle, and diet. Only then can we tailor our care and therapy to maximize the benefits.” Dr. Lily Chen

Dr. Chen went on to the world-renowned University of California, Davis, to finish her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, graduating in 2007. She completed an internship at an emergency and specialty animal hospital, and she has been in general practice caring for dogs and cats ever since.  Dr. Chen completed additional training and became a certified veterinary acupuncturist in 2013. Amazed by the miraculous results in many of her patients in response to acupuncture, she continued her training in veterinary food therapy and veterinary Chinese herbal therapy. In more than a decade of clinical experience, Dr. Chen has found that traditional Chinese medicine complements and balances conventional medicine. Many chronic conditions and diseases can be successfully treated and managed with a more gentle and holistic approach. Treating the body as a whole promotes natural healing and better health.



3:00 – Exciting good/exciting bad

3:46 – Vet shortage & Covid

5:00 – How holistic practice evolved

6:15 – Remodeling what veterinary care looks like

10:00 – Sylvia’s integrative story and question about diet

12:00 – Nutrition talk every client every time

13:50 – Not a lot of training in nutrition in vet school & Lily’s training

15:55 – One of the biggest mental shifts for Jasen & accessibility

17:30 – Shifting the industry & new studies

19:17 – Strange separateness in traditional and holistic medicine

19:57 – Lily’s experience transitioning into holistic medicine

21:37 - Can you go too far in the other direction?

23:00 – Acupuncture for dogs who don’t understand placebo

24:45 – Jasen tries to imagine his dogs having acupuncture

26:29 – Lily challenges Jasen’s traditional viewpoint with her own non-believer story

29:35 – The dog that changed Lily’s world

30:20 – Some scientific evidence but still things to understand

31:05 – Lily’s definition of Holistic (blog)

33:05 – Crystals and the emotional and physical connection

34:30 – The value of Placebo

35:45 - Sylvia shares some of her client’s fears

38:27 – Appreciating different solutions

39:25 – Pet insurance does cover holistic care

41:11 - #dogdadjoke

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