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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Dog Communicator & Pet Psychic : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 022 | FUREVER USA

Dog Communicator & Pet Psychic : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 022

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Sylvia is on vocal rest, but somehow she and Jasen still manage to decode the whole universe - or something like that - as they visit with Pet Communicator Cindy Hartzell. With a rich background in both the science based animal world and the energetic animal world, Cindy guides people to understand how absolutely amazing pets are as teachers and healers through intuitive communication.

We also get an update on Lucy, who showed up unexpectedly in Episode 8.



3:00 - Mandatory Vocal Rest for Sylvia

3:50 - What is an Animal Communicator?

5:30 - What does Psychic really mean

6:00 - It's just a muscle

7:26 - When we lose our natural intuition muscle

9:04 - Sylvia’s perspective starts to shift

11:19 - Does this just work with animals?

12:54 - How do you receive intuitive communication?

14:14 - Animals who passed on

15:00 - How Cindy became an Animal Communicator

19:08 - Cindy’s shares how her science based vet husband reacted to her Intuitive work

20:03 - How animal communication can be taxing and how to fix it

21:52 - How Jasen and Sylvia were introduced to Cindy

23:04 - Jasen asks how Cindy was able to communicate for a dog she never met

24:22 - When animals find someone who can hear them, they have a lot to say

25:25 - Generic questions lead to validation and three way conversations

26:39 - How Cindy ‘speaks’ to the animal

28:38 - Jasen shares the surrealness of Lucy’s story

29:55 - Cindy’s check in with Lucy

31:34 - Jasen’s take on the otherworldly

33:34 - Sylvia and Jasen agree

35:00 - doubt and instinct

36:20 - Conversational goosebumps

38:27 - Messages Cindy doesn’t want to share and Labels

39:47 - What is Supernatural at this point?

40:33 - Trying to intellectually conceptualize a feeling

43:44 - #dogdadjoke
45: 07 Visit our youtube channel for some extra time with Cindy - Cindy communicates for Sylvia and meditation
45:51 - Cindy asks Jasen about the Rescued Heros Road Tour

48:52 - What does Cindy want people to know: On Rescue Animals

50:38 - How imagination plays a part in intuitive communication

55:11 - Cindy reads for Sylvia - have tissues ready

1:06:48 - Cindy shares a fun story from reading a skeptic at the Bakery

1:10:34 - Jasen talks about letting go of fear and trusting intuition

1:11:30 - Cindy shares an exercise on feeling ‘yes’ and ‘no’

1:14:36 - Jasen talks about decision making & Cindy shares how to listen to your body

1:19:50 - Sylvia shares her response to the exercise & reading

1:20:20 - When are decisions best made?

1:24:30 - Decisions from fear or intuition?

1:25:24 - Heaven on Earth

1:27:10 - Communicating with Dogs without Homes in the future

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