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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Crash Testing Dogs : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 021 | FUREVER USA

Crash Testing Dogs : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 021

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Today we get to meet Lindsey Wolko from the Center for Pet Safety. Lindsey shares how a situation that resulted in injury for her dog Maggie inspired CPS, a non-profit dedicated to consumer and companion animal safety as a research and consumer advocacy organization. Lots of tips, new perspectives, and recommendations in this episode!



3:08 - Inspiration for CPS

5:20 - Lindsey and CPS pilot study on harness’

6:30 - Sylvia shares the PSA she gives her clients

7:00 - Not to scare pet owners, but to give them solutions

7:30 - How CPS works on your behalf

8:20 - Jasen asks about more details on what CPS investigates

9:30 - Crash Tests for Dogs & NASA Engineers

13:20 - Where to go to see which products are tested

14:30 - Testing at 30mph and real world implications

16:10 - How powerful is 30mph?

19:12 - Discussing difficulty getting products to participate

20:10 - Knowledge sharing with brands

21:00 - Can pet businesses get rated?

22:10 - Do states have pet restraint laws?

23:26 - Products to avoid?

24:56 - What to look for in products

27:25 - Jasen trying to reimagine the dog’s car ride and Sylvia’s response

30:55 - When you know better, you do better

31:40 - Human fatalities from a projectile dog

32:12 - Alternatives to Harnesses

35:00 - Strength Rated Anchor Straps

37:15 - Good Companies & What Sylvia looks like

40:15 - Lindsey explains energy mitigation and the companies using it

43:25 - #dogdadjoke


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