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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Training For Treibball : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 014 | FUREVER USA

Training For Treibball : The Dogish Podcast : Episode 014

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Diving into the Doggie Sport world once more, Jasen and Sylvia sit down with Claudia Sihler, German veterinarian and owner of A Better Companion, now living and dog training in Alaska. Claudia introduces us to Treibball, also called the ‘urban herding sport’ where dogs herd exercise balls instead of sheep. Treibball is an R+ team sport that builds communication skills between the dog and handler, and improves attention and off-leash reliability. Dogs of any size can compete and handlers of any capability can participate, which makes it a fun, skill-building activity.



1:40 - Claudia introduces us to life in Alaska

4:00 - What do the dogs think of the cold?

6:45 - What breeds do really well in the snow?

7:47 - Don’t shave your Husky or Pomiranian because…

8:57 - Intro to Treibball

16:00 - How do you train a dog for Treibball?

16:25 - A basic training task for Treibball

17:30 - Hind end awareness

19:28 - Kinds of cues used

20:55 - A foundational training tip from Claudia to keep your pup with you

23:53 - Jasen asks what the most difficult trick for the dogs is

25:00 - How long does learning the basics take & why Claudia likes Treibball so much

27:45 - How often should you train for Treibball & when are you ready for competition?

29:30 - How long have Claudia and her dogs been competing?

30:50 - Online Challenge League?

33:00 - Claudia shares her dog’s Iditarod experience

35:45 - How do I get the dog to push the ball with its face?

40:15 - How popular is Treibball?

41:55 - Other classes Claudia teaches

42:37 - #dogdadjoke (with explanation)

42:50 - #dogdadjoke 2

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