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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1


Our dachshund Frank fell into our lives overnight after his previous owner wasn’t able to keep him. I told my husband we were adopting him and bringing him home. My husband was skeptical at first, not sure if he would be a fit for our family. In less than a weekend Frank cracked my husband’s heart wide open, instantly becoming “his dog.” Frank started going to work at Channel 2 News with Jeff, and eventually had the run of the office.  My husband is 6’2”, so it ‘s kind of ridiculous to see a tall skinny bald man with a elderly dachshund shuffling along at his feet. When my dad was dying, my brother came to Reno to be at his hospital bed. Frank charmed my brother the way he charmed my husband and helped my brother process and grieve our father’s death, just by being himself. I’m pretty sure I’m only Frank’s third favorite human, behind my husband and brother.  So, to get my revenge, I decided to get Frank a companion.

Then came Shorty, the sensitive and reserved one to Frank’s egocentric and outgoing personality. A sweet and gentle boy, Shorty loves to snuggle. Through love and stability he has evolved from the scared and vulnerable boy he was, to being peaceful and fulfilled. Shorty is more of an empathetic character who seeks to sooth your worries, as well as more being vulnerable and needy. That inspires me to shelter and protect him like he was a small child. But my revenge plan didn’t work. Both the dogs think Jeff is the #1 human. I keep threatening to continue adopting dogs until one of them decides I’m the favorite human.

Jeff says Frank and Shorty give us their uninhibited love when they look to us, follow us, look out the window waiting for us to come home. Sometimes I worry they are still hesitant and unsure because they have each gone through several different homes. When we come back each day, greet them, sit with them, play, drive, and walk with them, you can feel them at peace and that they are fulfilled. We find ourselves feeling the same and are able to stop fretting about whatever else is happening in life. Jeff, as a somewhat introverted man who does not spend a lot of time bonding with other people, says that the bond he has with each of these boys has taught him more about how to feel love and share it. They set a valuable example for us of doing that freely and happily.



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