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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1


  My mom and I found each other when we both needed it most. She had just lost her 13 year old dog and I had just lost my kittens. I was small, sad and hungry. The very first day Mom let me in the house, I laid on her chest and purred for 3 hours. We never looked back. Everyone says I am the sweetest cat they have ever met. I don't try very hard, it just comes natural to me. I even go for walks with my pink harness and I am quite an attraction. I have only two complaints. I don't really understand why the dog is scared of me and I am really upset that he gets to go out to the yard all the time and I don't. But then again I get to sleep in mom's bed and he doesn't, so I guess I am a princess after all.

- Mishka


I try to forget the first 5 years of my life. They were hard. I was tied in a yard and no one ever played with me, and no one ever loved me. Then one day some people came and took me to a place with a lot of other dogs. It was loud and I was a little scared. But they were nicer to me there. They talked to me and fed me and even took me out of my kennel. I got "dadopted" or maybe it's adopted. I went home with a nice older lady. I tried very hard to be a good boy but I was much bigger than her. In a few weeks she brought me back to the loud place and never came to pick me up again. I waited but she never came. So I stayed in my kennel and got really excited when everyone else got excited. I kept saying “me, me!” when people came by. Sometimes it was because I wanted them to pet me, other times I just wanted to go potty or stretch my legs. Other times I barked because I was bored. 

This one lady came in the morning and took us out for a walk. She was a volunteer. I am not sure what that means, but volunteers are cool. That was the best time I had all day. I could run, I could go potty and I could tell her how sad and lonely I was. One day she took me out of my kennel and never put me back. I think they said she gave me a furever home. It must be furever, because my fur is everywhere. I have a sister, but I am not sure we are really related, because she is only 10 pounds and she meows. She might be smaller but she was there first, so I know I have to be nice to her because she is sharing all her things with me.  I go for long walks and hikes twice a day. I even have my own bed! My only complaint is mom should feed me 5 times a day. I am still working on perfecting my "momma I am so hungry" look. I try my bestest to be a good boy, but I know my momma loves me and that's all that matters in the end.

- Bernie  


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