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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1


Sprinkles isn’t a flashy dog. She was nice enough to those who interacted with her, but was overlooked because she wasn’t the right breed, size, or color. She had been at the shelter for three months without a meet and greet when I went to see her. Looking past her breed, it was her personality that shined through, making her the perfect fit. She is an affectionate homebody.

Reese is the opposite of Sprinkles. She is the most unreservedly non-aggressive dog I have ever had. Despite being judged her whole life for her Pitbull breed, Reese gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and is nicest to strangers and other dogs.

These dogs are a testament that the best matches are not based off of breed or color, but personality. It’s not about getting the flashiest dog, but looking for the lifelong friend, no matter what size or shape they come in!


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