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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1


I will never forget walking into PetSmart with my 10-year-old twin daughters, intent on getting them a beta fish with very little responsibility. They were still hoping for a dog, but I wasn't ready to get a one at the time. As the girls ran off in the direction of the fish, I turned to follow when a noise caught my attention from the other side of the store.

Curious, I found out that it was adoption day and that there were many dogs looking for great homes. I remember the look in their eyes as if they were saying "Pick me! I promise to be good.". My heart was telling me to get a dog and my mind was reminding me that I wasn't ready. At that moment, a young employee walked by me with puppies in his hands, one of them a Saint Bernard mix looking straight into my eyes. I held him in my arms and knew right then, he was the perfect match for our family.

So, we filled out the paperwork and bundled him into the back seat between the girls. He was so cute, and the girls were so excited, it brought happy tears to my eyes. I introduced him to my now husband, and they bonded immediately. Alpine is very loyal and very protective of my husband Felix. He follows him everywhere, always by his side. I named him Alpine because of our strong passion for the outdoors and it was not until a few months later that we realized just how perfect the name was. The outdoors has always been his favorite place to be, whether chasing little critters into trees or cooling off in the creek.

A few years later, we decided to get him a companion, a little terrier with lots of personality, who we named Milo. The two became best buddies. Milo learned a lot from Alpine as a tiny puppy, following his big brother everywhere and mimicking everything he did. Alpine would never let anything happen to any of us, including his little brother Milo, who can be a bully at times to get all the attention from us. But Alpine never worries about that stuff, he just wants everybody to be happy, even if he comes last. The boys are very special to the family, they make us laugh and feel love every day. We take care of them and they take care of us.


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