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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
I Love Lucy & Why My Heart Is Breaking : Reno, NV | FUREVER USA

I Love Lucy & Why My Heart Is Breaking : Reno, NV

I've been avoiding this post for weeks now. And even still, I'm struggling to find the words on how to move forward with finding a home for my new best-friend.

Let's try rewinding a bit. Last February I was just waking up. It was cold outside, and the first noises I heard were my dogs (Brownie & Max) playing in the backyard. As a dog parent, it's one of my favorite sounds to hear. So I started climbing out of bed and noticed. . . . Max was still laying on our bed. So who was Brownie playing with?

As I looked outside I could see a playful black and white pitty running around the back yard with Brownie having the absolute best time! At first I was a bit jarred and worried, but as I went outback and sat on the porch I could see this little timid girl start to warm up. With a little bit of food and water, she began to trust that she was in a safe place.

But where did she come from?

We went to our security system and checked the backyard cameras. What we found was heartbreaking to say the least.

Just after 7am our gate opened and a man and his dog came walking in. He sat with her for about 3 or 4 minutes, took off the leash and walked back out the gate without her.

You could see her run up and down the fence trying to figure out where her dad was going with out her. Lost and scared. . . wandering our backyard.

Best we can tell is that he was homeless or having a streak of bad luck. We had our RV that is wrapped with photos of dogs, so I'm assuming he figured that if he had to leave her, our yard would give her the best chance to find happiness.

She was an instant fit into our home. We weren't looking for a 3rd dog to add to the family. . . but her glowing smile, her love of playing with Brownie and Max and her cuddles with the boys were just too much for us to overcome. So she quickly became part of the Arias family.

The 7 months that followed were absolutely perfect. The dogs were best friends. She bonded with the boys. Christy and I would watch her as she ran through the yard and love that she had found us as her new family.

But then October 2nd changed everything.

It was an amazing Saturday morning. The boys and I were just getting ready to go to the Halloween store to start working on decorations. My son had found a coupon booklet in the driveway and tossed it over the fence to pick up later.

That's when all hell broke loose.

Brownie and Lucy got in a bad fight. We have many theories that we believe contributed to the fight. . . but ultimately, after working with trainers. . . it's what is called "stress stacking". A collection of moments that created too much stress for either of the dogs to tolerate. All we know is that neither one "started it".

While the fight was bad, the most unfortunate part is that neither Lucy or Brownie have been able to let it go. Even after 6 weeks, each time we try to re-introduce them, eventually one of them will remind the other that they are no longer friends. Max still gets along with everyone. But the two girls still have very little tolerance for each other.

Which brings me to today. Because of their separation in the house, we have been spending even more time with the dogs. Especially Lucy and I. She's with me right now as I write this... and she just got done playing with the boys in the living room. But ultimately I have to make a decision for her safety. For Brownies safety. And for both of their happiness.

Lucy is a energetic vibrant girl that loves her family. She loves running and playing almost as much as she loves cuddling. My favorite is when she takes her nose and buries it into the small of my back while we watch TV. Or when she rests her head on Christy and the boys while we have family time each night.

She use to chase Bownie for hours. . . . only to lay on the floor next to each-other to rest in the sunshine.

She's an amazing, loving, family protective dog. . . and I'm absolutely heartbroken to have to find her a new home. But it's what I believe will ultimately be the best for her and for Brownie in the long run.

Her perfect family would have a yard to run in and people to spend time with.

I'm fairly certain she would LOVE to have other dogs to play with too. . . but we wouldn't be able to let her go to a home without someone that can show her an abundance of attention and the ability to stretch her legs.

We have just started 6 weeks of classes with Lucy too! Which, I would love for her new mom or dad or family to join us on to get her comfortable.

Lucy is my new best friend and I love her dearly. Our whole family loves her. . . .but her and I in particular have become very close. It would mean the world to me if I could see how she's doing from time to time, but ultimately, I need to know that she's as loved and safe in her new home as she has been here.

If you or anyone you know is looking to add an amazing family member to their dog friendly home. . . . please let me know.

Lucy is a 3yo'ish medium 50lb black and white pitty. She's LOVES treats, walks and after her training will be an awesome hiking buddy. She's smart and learns fast. She currently runs free between the house and our 1/3 acre fenced yard.

She would do best in a home with another 4 legged Male companion who loves to play, or somone who can spend most of the day with her.

But more than anything, she loves her person to the core and wants to spend as much time as possible with them.

Jasen :


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