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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1


As someone that grew up with yard dogs, I can sadly say it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I understood the true impact our four-legged children have on us. And once you know and feel that impact, it’s not something you can “unfeel”.

Nina was a package deal when I met my husband. He was her EVERYTHING and vice versa. She had been a strong part of his life for 16 years. She wasn’t such a fan of me when I came into the picture, but I loved her loyalty to Jasen. She was a different dog without him. She wouldn’t move all day, but as soon as Jasen would walk through that door she was alive, happy and like a puppy again. She provided him a listening ear without judgment, unconditional love and in my opinion, an outlet to love deeper for someone else. She was the one he protected and came home for every day and night. She was his first and true girl in life, giving him so much purpose. She showed me the man he was, how he loved and that softer side of him that tends to get hidden. She also taught our boys how to love gently and how to handle the pain of loss when we lost her. As sad as it was, their hearts grew and have expanded for our other two furkids we still have in our life. She set the stage for our boys and taught them what it feels like to truly love! Not something I could just do for them.

Brownie is our sweet, submissive lover of a girl. She makes me want to stop and love, look her in her eyes and be a better person. She’s so pure and kind. When we got her, my first worry was how she would be with our little boys as she’s the largest dog we’ve ever had. All I can say is that we were meant to be a family. She loves so gently and is playful with our boys. She’ll lay on the floor with them as equals, licking their faces, gently pawing at their chest and wrapping her paws around them. You can see that she knows she needs to be gentle. You can see and hear all of the joy they bring into each others' life. She brings so much care and love into our family. She gives the boys another way to love. An outlet that I can’t provide because it’s just that different. The boys love her like a sister, talk to her like a child and snuggle her. She’s a nurturer too. If someone is sad or crying she’s the first to pop up, laying her paws on their lap. This usually gives the boys a huge laugh as tears still run down their face. I can’t imagine our family without our girl.

Max is our mischievous one. This little boy has no idea how silly and funny he is. He brings laughter at any given moment, chasing light spots and shadows, thinking he’s one of the boys wanting to wrestle with everyone as he pops in and out of the fun with a puppy-like face. As of recently, I’ve given in and let him lay at the foot of the bed with us because his favorite thing to do is lay with you. He provides so much comfort in his snuggle. If we let him, he would sleep in our youngest's bed every night because he’s one of the boys. We truly do look at him and treat him as one of the kids. He’s there to snuggle on the couch when the boys need a pillow, and he’s there ready to play when the fun starts. If I had to pinpoint exactly what he brings and adds to our family, it would be laughter. Life would be pretty boring without him!


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