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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
How long is a dog in heat? | FUREVER USA

How long is a dog in heat?

How long does a dog stay in heat? That's a GREAT question!!!

Dogs are known to be loyal companions, but they can also be very moody. One of the most common moods that dogs experience is heat. While some may think this has something to do with temperature, it actually refers to the female dog's reproductive cycle. The time your pet spends in heat will depend on her breed and age, so read on for more information!

In a normal year a small sized breeds goes into heat twice while larger sized breeds go once every six months. Dogs typically have their first season at between six and twelve months old which makes them an adult by eighteen months of age or so – however there are always exceptions as you'll see below. It’s important to note that not all females will go through their first season, whether it be due to size or breed.

Once a dog goes into heat, it can last anywhere from three to four weeks with the average being around eleven days. During this time period your furry friend will have blood filled sacs developing on her vulva – called follicles – and she'll also begin to produce vaginal discharge which is typically bright red or dark brown in coloration.

The first day of menstruation occurs when the cervix opens up allowing sperm inside for fertilization. In most cases dogs are not very picky about who they mate with so if there's another male dog around expect him to come calling! The best way of letting them know you’re not interested is by using a special spray made especially for this purpose although during their first season some females may not be interested in mating at all.

It’s important that pet owners understand what their dogs are experiencing when in heat as it can sometimes cause problems for them if they aren't supervised properly. While some may think of dogs in heat as being dangerous, they're actually only looking out for food and water like any other time but during these times she will be more likely to get attacked by another male dog who wants nothing more than a chance at fathering puppies with her so keep an eye on your furry friend until she comes back down from her high.

Our friends at @CaesarTheAmstaffBully made this great video we also wanted to share with you!

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