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Celebrate rescue animals by downloading our NEW e-Book for only $1
Dog Shampoo : Why it matters and what to know! | FUREVER USA

Dog Shampoo : Why it matters and what to know!

If you’re like most dog owners, then you probably have a plan for giving your furry friend their bath. To get started the right way, make sure to arrange all of your supplies and let them know it's time for some fun in the tub! There are lots of different products out there that might be great options - but before rushing off to buy everything at once or using what friends/family members recommend; read on below:

The basics

When shopping for dog shampoo, you should limit your options to only those formulated specifically for dogs. No matter how well your chosen product works on human hair, the PH level of a canine’s skin is very different from that of their owner. It goes without saying that any shampoo will clean up Fido but it could also upset his/her oil balance which can lead to an uncomfortable dry coat or even worse conditions like viruses and parasites developing in the fur. When choosing a good quality wash solution be sure not just look at price. Jax & Daisy recommends specific shampoos depending upon condition type so that owners know what they are looking out for before buying anything.

Your dog’s skin

When choosing a canine shampoo, you also need to consider the type of skin that your dog has. For instance, if your dog has dry skin, you need to shop for a moisturizing shampoo with jojoba oil and oatmeal because they will soothe their dry skin. After washing your dog make sure that they are rinsed thoroughly especially if it's sensitive or else soap residue can only make itching worse. If he/she do have hypersensitive then buy shampoos without artificial scents & colors making them safe!

Your dog’s coat

There are many different dog species and they all have varying coats. While some dogs have double coats, others might be silky or fine haired. Your pet’s coat can become knotty if it has thin strands of hair which is why you should consider buying a detangling shampoo to make their fur soft again. If your pup sheds excessively, look for shampoos that deal with this specific problem because the will help maintain its luster by controlling any excess shedding
without stripping away essential oils from the skin. Additionally, owners need to pay attention when purchasing products for pets whose white hairs tend turn yellow over time; using an appropriate product like one specifically designed for these types of colored animals would prevent this issue.

A quality dog shampoo

Before you rule out the expensive products, consider that no matter how often you bathe your dog a bottle of dog shampoo tends to last longer than human shampoo. When you purchase a large bottle there is more product in it and can therefore be used for months which saves money over time. Buying quality will also keep your dogs cleaner for longer thus lengthening the period between baths meaning less frequent bathing sessions are required resulting in lower costs overall compared to cheaper options.

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